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We develop and manufacture revolutionary technology for the aerospace market.  Our advanced air data sensors are the only LDV sensors designed specifically to operate in the aviation marketplace.  With proven technology, OADS sensors are revolutionizing the way that aircraft are designed and operated throughout the world

WindSceptor® Laser Air Data Sensor Suite for Helicopters

The WindSceptor® ADS for helicopters measures and reports airspeed and relative wind to the helicopter throughout all helicopter flight regimes, from negative airspeed (backward flight) through the full flight envelope of the aircraft.

WindSceptor® Laser Air Data Sensor Suite for Airplanes

The Windsceptor® OADS is a next generation, revolutionary replacement for traditional air data systems bringing increased accuracy and timeliness of data, insensitivity to icing, increased flight envelopes and increased safety margins while reducing maintenance costs and increasing dispatch reliability.

LandSafe® Precision Flight Instrumentation System

The LandSafe® Precision Flight Instrumentation System (PFIS) consists of the WindSceptor ® Air Data Sensor System combined with a high precision laser groundspeed/ground drift and laser height above ground sensor, especially useful in Degraded Environments.

WindsAloft™ Sensor Suite

Through the use of the WindsAloft™ sensor, aircraft operators can choose flight levels to maximize groundspeed (by minimizing headwinds or maximizing tailwinds) and minimize fuel consumption during the flight, translating into the potential for over 1.5% fuel cost savings per year per aircraft.  

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