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Optical Air Data Systems, LLC (OADS), a high technology, award winning Small Business, is a rapid developer of lightweight, rugged Laser Doppler Velocimetry  solutions for real world precision measurement applications.  OADS has a state of the art design, engineering, manufacturing, as well as field and flight test facility located in Manassas, Virginia. Born out of the aerospace industry, OADS has established itself as a world leader in the development of customized all-fiber optic motion-compensated solutions that meet the reliability, maintainability, and survivability requirements essential for platform based sensors.  Over its 32-year history, OADS’ experienced management and engineering team has launched numerous products including the world’s first laser based air data system for rotary and fixed wing aircraft, LDV for wind turbine control, hand held laser wind sensors, as well as laser range finders.  



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