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OADS is the market leader in remote wind measurement for the renewable energy industry.  With our motion compensated, rugged, cost effective laser wind sensors, we were the first and to date the only company to control a wind turbine with a look ahead wind sensor, demonstrating significant AEP improvement and stress load reduction.  We are the industry’s “go to” system for offshore wind resource assessment due to our ease of operation and high data availability.

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Product Specifications

Vindicator® V Laser Wind Sensor


The Vindicator® V Laser Wind Sensor is the next generation replacement to the industry standard Vindicator® V Laser Wind Sensor traditionally used for offshore wind resource assessment.  This new product line offer all of the benefits of the previous generation product while incorporating design enhancements from our aviation product lines.

Vindicator® IVLaser Wind Sensor

The Vindicator® IV Laser Wind Sensor is a revolutionary next generation replacement for traditional nacelle-anemometry used to control Utility Scale Wind Turbines. This state-of-the-art optical sensor provides real-time look-ahead wind speed, wind direction, and turbulence/ gust information at multiple ranges ahead of the wind turbine.  The wind field ahead of the turbine is simultaneous measured along five (5) independent optical beams to allow for yaw, collective pitch and independent blade pitch control.

Vindicator® III Laser Wind Sensor

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